Things To Do In DUBAI

Places to visit in DubaiDubai is a city of superlatives that must be visited to be believed. Its glamourous extravagance mixes with profound traditions to create an almost fabled land. Add to this their long list of futuristic visions and contrasting splendor of the desert. If there could be just one word describing the evocative Arab Gulf Tiger, it would be majestic.

From avant-garde architecture to standout malls, the Gulf Tiger is always teeming with unique experiences. There are just so many things to do in Dubai that one could easily spend weeks here. Boredom is a foreign emotion here!

The best part about Dubai tourism is that it is for everyone – family with kids, a group of friends, couples, hedonists, and holidaymakers. Dotting the sprawling new-age city are several water parks, the idyllic Palm Jumeirah, entertaining theme parks, and world-renowned malls.

When making a list of all places to visit in Dubai, it easy to get overwhelmed! While the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa undoubtedly steal the show, there is just so much more to do to see in Gulf’s most spectacular city.

To help you create an ideal itinerary for Dubai sightseeing, here is a list of

20 Things To Do In Dubai 2020

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Creek
  • Jumeirah Beach Park
  • Global Village
  • The Dubai Fountain
  • Desert Safari Dubai
  • The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Dubai Marina
  • Wild Wadi Water Park
  • Ferrari World
  • IMG World Of Adventures
  • Kite Beach
  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Bollywood Park Dubai
  • Motiongate Dubai Theme Park
  • Legoland Water Park
  • Legoland Dubai
  • Ski Dubai
  • Kidzania Dubai

1.Burj Khalifa – At The Top Sky

Burj Khalifa – At The Top Sky

Elevated to a soaring 828 meters high, the Burj Khalifa is the icon postcard image of Dubai. The world’s tallest tower naturally dominates the city skyline. While it the watchful edifice is visible from many corners of Dubai, its majesty is best appreciated up close and from the inside.

Climb to the observation deck perched on 124th floor of Burj Khalifa for jaw-dropping views. The vistas are best on a clear day topped only by the panoramas from the lavish At The Top Sky Lounge that sits on the 148th floor.

On your way back from the top floors, head to The Lounge that covers floors 152, 153, and 154, becoming the tallest lounge in the world.

Location1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – UAE
Timing8.30 AM – 8.30 PM
Ticket PriceAED: 136.33
USD: 37.12
INR: 2580

2.Dubai Creek – Sneaking Old Days

Dubai Creek

The buzzing Dubai Creek is a whole new world inside the city. It is the original site where the Bani Yas tribe first settled. The waters of this creek was crucial for Dubai’s then economy boosters – pearl diving and fishing.

No Dubai tourism is ever complete without crossing the creek on an abras or “water taxi”.  Among these water taxis, you will also see wooden dhows, handful of ships, and trade cargo. The boats run every few minutes and cost next to nothing.

The saltwater estuary is surrounded with souks in the labyrinthine alleyways lined with vendors that sell gold, spice, and textiles.

LocationCreek in the United Arab Emirates
Timing8.30 AM – 8.30 PM
Ticket Price

3.Jumeirah Beach Park – Mesmerizing Ambiance

Jumeirah Beach Park

Nestled in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, the Jumeirah Beach Park was the first of its kind in Dubai. Its tree-lined sandy strip brings the laid-back Caribbean vibes to Dubai. It is a brilliant concoction of verdant greensward, golden sand, and turquoise waters. An idyllic place to relax, unwind and get tanned.

Its grassy area offers plenty of shade, barbeque facilities, and a kid’s play area, making it an ideal spot for picnicking.

Dotting the parks are cafés and restaurants. Moreover, if you are a woman traveling with girlfriends then it is the only park in Dubai with a women-only day.

LocationJumeirah 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Timing7.00 AM – 10.30 PM
Ticket PriceFree

4.Global Village – Explore the World

Global Village- Places to visit in Dubai

Global Village is a seasonal Dubai attraction and shopping extravaganza held during the winter months. Millions of tourists from across the world attend the event every year.

The village has 26 pavilions, each dedicated to a particular country’s handicraft, cuisines, and merchandise. The countries that were represented in the 2019/20 event included Japan, Morocco, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, and the UAE.

Apart from the expansive souk, the Global Village offers entertainment programs like stage shows. The carnival offers arcade games, games of skill, and fairground rides for all ages.

Dotted with over 20 restaurants and 120 kiosks, the food scene is also eclectic and effervescent.

LocationSheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road – Exit 37 – E311 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
TimingOctober to April
4.00 PM to 12.00 PM
Ticket Price

5.The Dubai Fountain – Time to Celebrate Vacation

The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is nestled at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, just outside the doors of the iconic The Dubai Mall. What makes this fountain distinguished from the rest in the world is that it features the planet’s largest well-choreographed fountain system.

Every evening, past sundown, the fountain puts up a glorious show of dancing water and swerving jet sways. There are jet water streams that fly as high as 150 meters. These waterworks are illumined in many colors as they dance to various musical numbers from across the globe.

It is a spectacular mélange of visual and audio entertainment!

LocationFashion Parking – Dubai Mall – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing7.00 PM – 11.00 PM
Ticket Price

6.Desert Safari Dubai – Adventurous Expedition

Desert Safari Dubai - Places to visit in Dubai

The majestic desert is a must place to visit in Dubai. Sited less than 20 minutes drive away from the en-vogue and modernistic streets of Downtown, the Arabian desert is the original Dubai attraction.

Experience the authentic UAE vibe by taking a desert safari with off-roading, sandboarding, and quad biking followed by the traditional camel rides and barbeques. Or just drive out and admire the wonder of the desert on an adventure of your own. There is no dearth of adventure!

Explore the nomadic lifestyle and learn unique insights about the indigenous dwellers here by taking a cultural tour. Desert resorts are available for you to treat yourself with an indelible night amid the dunes.

LocationDubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing4.00 PM – 11.00 PM
Ticket Price

7.Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Enthralling Encounters

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Explore one of the world’s largest aquariums at Dubai Aquarium & Underworld Zoo. It is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Its highlight starts with the record-breaking “Largest Acrylic Panel”. Beyond that, the zoo inhabits over 33,000 aquatic animals from 140 species. You will come face to face with over 300 sharks and rays, including the world’s largest group of Sand Tiger Sharks.

This enchanting Underwater Zoo also brings its visitors up close with water rats, sea horses, jellyfish, piranhas, penguins, crabs, and plenty more.

In a nutshell, the aquarium, just like the city, is a series of superlatives.

LocationDubai Mall – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing10.00 AM – 12.00 AM
Ticket Price

8.Dubai Miracle Garden – Treat for Eyes

Dubai Miracle Garden - Places to visit in Dubai

The beauty of Dubai Miracle Garden rivals Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. The floral sculptures in the garden are jaw-dropping in their precision. Being the world’s largest natural flower garden, it naturally offers an abundance of attractions for the visitors.

Created with billions of flowers, the garden during its full bloom is a sight for the sore eyes! The most significant features of the garden include the massive Floral Castle, romantic Hearts Passage, numerous fragrant gazebos, and a sprawling Disney Avenue.

One of the most iconic pictures that often makes round on the Internet is of the Umbrella Passage. The harlequin effect under the hundreds of umbrellas is almost poetic.

LocationAl Barsha South 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Ticket Price

9.Dubai Marina – Perfect Dining Experience

Dubai Marina

When it comes to Dubai attractions, there is no denying the magnetic pull of the Dubai Marina. Skyscrapers flank the winding canal as the luxurious yachts wait for their next outing. Extending between the Al Sufouh Road and JBR, the area has forged itself as one of the busiest neighborhoods.

Overlooking the marina, Pier 7 has established its name among the city’s most exclusive dining hubs. Residing inside the all-glass structure are seven floors, each showcasing a unique dining concept.

Not far away, lining the Dubai Marina Walk is over seventy restaurants and al-fresco cafés. These culinary pit-stops invite with a charming ambiance. Topping the list is Bateel Café which is famous for its dates and European-inspired cuisine.

LocationAl Marsa St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing11.50 AM – 7.20 PM
Ticket Price

10.Wild Wadi Water Park – A Fun Place

Wild Wadi Water Park

For the thrill-seekers and intrepid adventurers, this park is among the top places to visit in Dubai.

Located afront Burj Al Arab, the Wild Wadi Water Park is another respite from Dubai’s sweltering heat. It is themed around the tales of Juha, a character from Arabian Nights. The innovative rides pegging the sprawling area are exhilarating, justifying the wildness of the park. Then there’s the ultimate surfing experience, water sliding through tornadoes, and free-falling at 80km/h.

If you are traveling with family, the park includes activities and a pool dedicated entirely for kids.

LocationJumeirah Street, Opp. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing10.00 AM – 7.30 PM
Ticket Price

11.Ferrari World – Fasten Your Belts

Ferrari World - Places to visit in Dubai

Ferrari World is among the oldest and most famous places to visit in Dubai. The world’s first Ferrari-themed park is home to over 37 thrilling Ferrari rides and attractions. Housed inside the World is also the biggest Ferrari Store and various Italian dining options.

The star ride under the iconic red roof is the new Flying Aces boasting the highest number of rollercoaster loops in the world. Second to it is the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster at a top speed of 250km/h in under 5 seconds.

Being indoor and climate-controlled, the Ferrari World is also a convenient theme park in Dubai’s scorching weather.

LocationYas Island – Yas Leisure Dr – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Timing8.30 AM – 8.30 PM
Ticket Price

12.IMG World of Adventures – Best Theme Park

IMG World of Adventures

The IMG World of Adventures brings characters from Marvel and Cartoon Network to life with its innovative rides that spread across the area of 28 football fields.

What makes it a standout among other Dubai attractions and parks is its non-stop entertainment programs that go beyond rides and kiosks, such as live shows.

Get ready to meet your childhood favorites from Powerpuff Girls to Tom and Jerry here.

LocationE311 – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing11.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Ticket Price

13.Kite Beach – Emerald Water of Arabian Gulf

Kite Beach - Places to visit in Dubai

Spotted near Jumeirah’s main street, the Kite Beach is a hotspot for extreme watersports. You’ll find premium watersport equipment available along the sandy stretch, with appropriate gear needed for kitesurfing, SUP, and wakeboarding.

Its casual, chilled-out vibe resonates perfectly with the mood of a beachgoer too. There’s plenty to do on the land as well. Take a casual jog across the coastline and you’ll find a game of volleyball to join.

As much as the beach wrings with water adventures, it also exudes serenity for those who are seeking to unwind and relax.

LocationKite Beach – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing24 Hours(Swimming until sundown)
Ticket PriceFree

14.Aquaventure Waterpark – Adventure at Par

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark has brought slides, rides, stingrays, and sharks to the city. It is an elaborate splashy experience – among the must things to do in Dubai. Located in the most ornate resort complex, Atlantis, the park delivers what’s expected – luxurious beachfront activities, cabanas, and a verdant tropical landscape.

Perhaps, its most unique, over-the-top experience diving with sharks in the Shark Lagoon. Adventurers will be thrilled at the longest middle-eastern zipline in the park, Atlantean Flyer Zipline. It offers a sweeping view of the beachfront and Dubai’s skyline.

Hedonists will be smitten by its 700m long sandy strip with sun-loungers and cabanas. It is a great place to unwind after all adrenaline rush.

LocationThe Avenues at Atlantis Dubai- UAE
Timing10.00 AM – 6.30 PM
Ticket Price

15.Bollywood Parks™ Dubai – Your Favorite Stars

Bollywood Parks™ Dubai - Places to visit in Dubai

After Hollywood, Bollywood has also inspired theme parks in Dubai. At Bollywood Parks™ Dubai celebrates the blockbusters of Indian cinema. It is a hub for action, drama, comedy, romance, and adventure that spreads across 1.7million square feet.

The park does not just boast a visual treat for the Bollywood cinephiles, but also Indian food for the gourmets and Indian handicraft for the aesthete. Some of its unmissable highlights include the opulent Rajmahal Theatre, multi-shooter Sholay ride, and soaring 4D Krrish flight.

The unmissable zones of the Bollywood Parks™ include Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, Bollywood Boulevard, and Mumbai Chowk.

Location1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai Parks and Resorts – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates- UAE
Timing3.00 PM – 11.00 PM
Ticket Price

16.Motiongate Dubai Theme Park – Exciting Hours

Motiongate Dubai Theme Park

The UAE has become a hotspot for theme parks and acing the trend is Dubai’s Motiongate Dubai Theme Park. Inspired by Hollywood, the park includes entertainment blocks based on family-favorites movies like Madagascar, Shrek, Hotel Transylvania, and How to Train Your Dragon.

The biggest attraction ride running inside the park is based on the popular book-adaptation, Hunger Games. Adrenaline junkies will love the bullet train ride and Panem aerial tour.

Amid the souvenir shops and eateries take place events like parades and even dance-offs. Character meetings with Kung Fu Panda and et al also happens all the time. Next to the movie-inspired blocks is smurf village and two jungle gym play areas.

LocationPark and Resorts – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing3.00 PM – 11.00 PM
Ticket PriceAED: 136.33
USD: 37.12
INR: 2580
How To BookBuy Ticket Now

17.LEGOLAND® Water Park – Refreshing Moments

.LEGOLAND® Water Park

The LEGOLAND® Water Park is the only water park that is specifically dedicated for families with kids aged 2-12 years. It is packed with twenty water slides and attractions that allow great splashy fun. Here, the kids can build their own LEGO® raft to go on a splash safari on the lazy river.

Its twenty slides also include family raft, body, and tube slides. DUPLO® toddler play area and slides are designed particularly for the little ones in the family. Amenities are also galore at the water park. Private cabanas are up for rentals for a full day! The package will include towels, soft drinks, water, and locker.

LocationParks & Resorts – Sheikh Zayed Rd – AE-AZ – United Arab Emirates
Timing10.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Ticket Price

18.LEGOLAND® Dubai – Relive Childhood Dreams


Eye-popping in colors and bustling with squealing kids and guffawing adults, LEGOLAND® Dubai is definition of joy. It is for both – children as well as the young-at-heart. Sprawling across the world’s 7th LEGO® park are more than forty rides and attractions.

There’s Dragon Coaster hidden in a dark dungeon that takes kids through the King’s Castle at 60km/h. The park also boasts its very own Lego-sized Miniland in Dubai. This signature sight includes imitations of Dubai attractions and the world’s ten tallest buildings likeBurj Khalifa, Dubai Airport, and Taj Mahal.

The best part is that you can now make LEGO® bricks at the Factory Tour and take your creations home!

LocationParks & Resorts – Sheikh Zayed Rd – AE-AZ – United Arab Emirates
Timing10.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Ticket Price

19.KidZania® Dubai – An Exciting Treat

KidZania® Dubai

KidZania® Dubai is a winning mix of enjoyment and education for children. Here, kids can learn about different professions, and families can learn about their kids’ aspiring dream careers.

KidZania® creates a unique environment where the adults can indulge in role-playing activities while watching their kids enjoy being a professional. Inside the Dubai Mall is a replica of the city where kids can be anything – brave firefighters, responsible doctors, crime investigators, or car dealers.

The unique play area works as real life where all little professionals wear uniforms, do shifts, and get paid in KidZania® currency. “Supervisors” adults will take care as parents get time to relax.

LocationFinancial Center Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing10.00 AM – 11.00 PM
Ticket Price

20.Ski Dubai – Best Skii Resort

Ski Dubai

Who could have thought that Dubai sightseeing will include playing in the snow and skiing! But again, anything can happen in the Arab Gulf Tiger. Try the impossible and go skiing in the desert. Not only that, but you also get to play with penguins, make a snowman, rolling down snowcapped hills, and explore a snow cavern.

This truly is the best indoor activities offered by Dubai. Don’t know how to ski? No problem. Ski Dubai premises include a Ski School!

LocationSheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing10.00 AM – 12.00 AM
Ticket Price


Now that you that Dubai tourism roars of multiple unique experiences, why not start planning for the trip right away?

The best time to visit the Gulf Tiger is during the winter months between November through April. The weather during these months is pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities.

If you are a leisurely holidaymaker who wants to sidestep the tourist crowd, skip January and February. The hotel and flight rates also skyrocket during these months. Although, booking ahead will solve this problem.

However, if you are a jetsetter off to indulge in extravagant retail therapy, January and February are for you. It is in these two months that the city celebrates its popular Dubai Shopping Festival.

Whatever you do, do not plan a summer holiday for the fear of scorching heat and high humidity. Hotel fares may go down during the sweaty months but it will be impossible to explore the city out of its air-conditioned malls and stores Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk

Lastly, do not forget to have a blast in the Gulf Tiger as you explore some futuristic and luxurious wonders.

People Also Ask About Dubai (FAQ)

What are the adventure things to do in Dubai?

Dubai is full of adventure activities and below you can find out the best of them:

1.Flyboarding @Rs.5533
2.Water Jet Pack @Rs. 6,800
3.Scuba Diving @Rs, 5,499
4.Sky Breacher Ride @Rs.8,590
5.Desert Safari @Rs.730
6.Dune Buggy @Rs.9,263
7.Sand Boarding @Rs.3,798
8.Dubai Seaplane Tour @Rs.20,285
9.Wake Boarding @Rs.4,600
10.Bungee Jumping @Rs.9,999

What are the top attractions to visit in Dubai?

Dubai is famous for its huge skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, desert adventures, beautiful beaches, and many more attractions.

1.Burj Khalifa – Famous for being the tallest building in the world.
2.Burj Al Arab – Famous for its luxurious services
3.Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Famous for being one of the world’s largest suspended aquariums
4.Dubai Marina – Famous for eateries, boutiques, and markets, this waterfront improvement has it all.
5.Dubai Fountain – Famous for its performances on different songs and on different rhythms
6.Dubai Mall – Famous for vivacious interior designs and expensive shops
7.Dubai Miracle Garden – Famous for displaying various models being displayed such as animals, vehicles
8.Jumeirah Beach – Famous for different adventurous water sports
9.Wild Wadi Water Park – Famous for its several different water rides.
10.The Palm Islands – Famous for its shape which is like a tree.

See here all the top attractions of Dubai

How many days are sufficient for Dubai?

People can spend up to 3-5 days to explore the various attractions in Dubai along with enjoying a holiday like never before.

Which are the places to visit in Dubai on a 3 days trip?

Some of the places to visit in Dubai during a 3 day trip include:
1.Burj Khalifa
2.Palm Jumeirah
3.Burj Al Arab
4.The Lost Chambers Aquarium
5.Sahara Desert
6.Wild Wadi Water Park

How to book the best family Dubai tour package?

One can find various Dubai family packages both offline and online but if the traveler really needs to customize their package as per their own needs, requirements, and budget, then they can opt for GETYOURGUIDE.COM which offers personalized packages to all.